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The "Groovemonster" is a passionate music story about the power, history and impact of the electric bass guitar on commercial music. It is the story of a master-student relationship of one of the world's greatest bass players of all time, James Jamerson and his prize student, Tony Newton and how he rose to legendary fame by playing on several of the most important songs in popular music history. It is based upon the life of bassist Tony Newton and his musical life in Detroit with Motown Records, John Lee Hooker, and his rise to fame through the tutelage of his master teacher, James Jamerson, primary bassist at Motown Records. The Groovemaster goes one step beyond "Standing In The Shadows of Motown."

The Groovemonster is set in Detroit Michigan during the 60's and 70's, during the revival of music's most infectious expansion. The Groovemasters concept and background is taken from Newton's Book, "Gold Thunder." The Groovemonster deals with Newton's everyday challenges as a young musician challenging the massive competition to become a Motown bassist and keep his sanity as a 16 year old kid musician in a world of highly critical and older, more experienced players, coming from all around the country to play in Detroit, music city. The story also features times throughout Newton's career as a musician-artist in various music groups such as The Eighth Day, Tony Williams Lifetime, G-Force with Gary Moore and up to his new and emerging current, innovative group, TNT Xtreme, and new music recordings and concert footage from the "Thunderfunkfusion" project.

The story highlights Newton's experiences while playing numerous Motown and Blues stars, including John Lee Hooker, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, 4 Tops, Marvin Gaye, Diane Ross and the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas and others. The Groovemonster deals with a young, cocky kid trying to fight his way through and into the music business from playing in a bedroom, playing to records to playing around the world.


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This story is about my personal quest for Gold as a musician to the stars. My journey led me to many well-springs of shiny Gold by performing on many Gold and Platinum recordings and performing live concert tours for many years with Gold and Platinum recording artists. The ride has not been an easy one, it has been filled with plenty of heartache, financial un-compensation, disrespect, mental and emotional anxiety, depression for some and other negative energies that make the path quiet challenging if you want to still live a reasonable fulfilling life. On the other hand, there is no greater joy than doing what you most love, and were put here on Earth to do! The amount of profound and infinite joy and pure creative energy rush which you receive from performing music is pure heaven.

The quest for Gold, a Gold Record that is which represents 1 million record sales. This is the upper most, and important goal in a music artist or musicians mind. The Gold Record represents a literal lifetime of secure work as long as you are healthy and of sound mind. To play-perform on a Gold Record as a musician and is also a big boon for both the bank and the ego. For a musician playing with Gold Record Artists is also much desired! This is because of the higher pay scale and work stability. To play on a Gold Record is a lifetime dream for many musicians throughout the world 24/7. It means Fame and fortune literally. It really is your 15 minutes of glory. Some even are lucky enough to perform on more than one or several Gold Recordings.

When I started playing professionally at age 14, I listened to a lot of music on the radio and recordings, and wanted in on that American Dream. I didn't realize what a Gold Record was until later when I learned about the top 10 or forty million sellers. I dabbled in sports speed-skating in a few local races with moderate success, and really liked it, but I decided music was my ticket to ride. I knew what a Gold Ribbon award was and it usually meant fame and fortune on some level, so this was my early experience with winning Gold. But I knew inside that "Music" was my golden opportunity!

Detroit in the 60's was a dynamic, creative and economical urban city. Bustling with
Plenty of jobs from automobile manufacturers Ford, GM, Chrysler etc, the Vietnam War, the Hippy movement, social and racial change were also happening in a big way. It was a time of great change. Music of all types was coming on the scene and having a huge impact on society. Detroit was also a town of intense danger and the criminal element. Detroit actually was called "murder capital" in those times. With all this going on, Detroit was still one of the most exciting places to live for a musician.

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  • Lots of historical photos
  • Inspiring and thought provoking stories and experiences
  • Good for Music history buffs, Motown, Fusion, Funk Lovers, Musicians
  • Plenty of historical information on the music business explosion
  • Covers over 50 years of exciting music


  • Newton playing with John Lee Hooker at 16
  • Motown's discovery of Newton
  • Playing Carnegie Hall with Aretha
  • Creating Funk-Rock-Fusion with Miles Davis innovative drummer Tony Williams
  • 30 Years after Newton's exciting discovery of the Novaphonics Harmony System
  • Challenges and development as a keyboardist-composer
  • How Newton played on over 25 Gold Recordings
  • Personal ascension from sideman to the stars to influential revolutionary artist
  • Composing Newton's first Symphony

Accolades for Tony mentioned in the book!

* I have never met anybody in my life that has given me the truth in so different many forms. Life long lessons that inspire, guide, teach, follow through, and just totally give it all. Tony is not only one of the greatest musicians I've ever heard or worked with, but has given me the opportunity to see music and life through he eyes of a true genius! Good luck Tony, we love you, Mike, Marcia, and Dalton. - MMM Music

* Tony Newton has always been on the leading edge of music. His style and precision has long been recognized by real players in the industry. - Clarence McDonald, Grammy Winning Keyboardist-Producer

* Tony Newton, one of the most talented entities I have ever had the pleasure to hear and get to know, Truly a diamond that will not be hidden. - Jauqo III-X, Bassist/Producer

* I met Tony at a Motown session, I had heard through the vine as well as hearing his playing how great he was, he was Smokey Robinsons musical director and played with Tony Williams whom I admired what a great musician talent as well as a great person. James Gadson - World Renowned Drummer/Producer

* Mean Streets Rock Magazine of Los Angeles states, "Tony Newton is a monumental master and true music visionary!"

* Tony Newton, is one of the best creative minds I come across in my lifetime and he is also a real musical genius dating back to Motown as a musician known as the baby funk brother - Lou Nathan, CEO Nexxus Ent.

* Tony Newton is one of the most innovative and creative musicians and bassists of our time. He has been rocking everyone's world from the bottom up for years. I first met and began recording with Tony at Holland-Dozier-Holland's Invictus and Hotwax labels. As I played the piano, in the headphones, I was immediately impressed with the strength, precision and creativity of Tony Newton's bass lines. Take a listen now and you too will be equally amazed. Tony is also a great friend with a warm and caring spirit and, if you listen carefully, you'll hear that spirit reflected in his music. - Sylvester Rivers IMC Entertainment Group

* Once in a while, not very often, a songwriter will come up with what we call a "classic" that's what Tony Newton has managed to do on Tony Williams album "Believe it" Newton's songs "Snake Oil " and "Red Alert" are both classics. Too bad they were on the same album; I think they would have been better off on different albums. Who ever heard of having two classic songs on one album? I just played a week's gig at the Iridium club in New York. Guess what the only song we played that wasn't my own? Snake Oil of course! - Robby Krieger, The Doors

* When I arrived at Motown in 1963, Tony Newton was already there as the bass player for the Miracles. He was even there before Earl Van Dyke or Uriel Jones. Tony and I were two of the first musicians (now still living) to tour Europe with Motown acts. He was and still is one of the best bass players that ever did it. Later, when I became a touring artist, Tony joined me as the bass player. I was very familiar with his skills, but during a sound check, Tony sat at the piano and performed a sensational Beethoven Symphony. I didn't know the range of his ability and was totally surprised at his versatility. When I questioned him about his piano "training", he casually smiled and said "Oh, I taught myself to play the piano". When I recall the production of the documentary "Standing in the Shadows of Motown", it's difficult to believe Tony was not considered as the bass player. In my opinion, he would have added more credibility and history of the involved musicians. I say here and now, in my estimation, based on the facts, Tony Newton is a Funk Brother - Jack Ashford Legendary Motown Funk Brother and Grammy Winner.

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Can you say "funk and Fusion" in the same sentence. Apparently so! Legendary multi-talented musician-composer Tony Newton describes this 14 track dynamic music presentation as: Motown meets Hendrix meets Miles. The Motown Funk and Jazz-Rock-Fusion master can speak from experience. Playing in the Motown family and the "Funk Brothers", as well as being a founding architect of the Jazz-Rock-Fusion genre from his two year, two LP recording and touring stint with Miles Davis Drummer Tony Williams and the Lifetime. Newton skyrocketed the association to the cutting edge of the high-energy and passionate style writing the now classic compositions, "Snake Oil and Red Alert" on the CBS critically acclaimed "Believe It" offering and lead vocalizing the funky, "You Did It To Me Baby" on "Million Dollar Legs" the second project from these exceptional music artists. As a testament to the quality of these compositions, these recordings have become classics and are still selling strong today even after more than 25 years.

Newton a masterful Bassist-Keyboardist-Vocalist shows that he is fully in touch with his powers of musical expression, creating an astounding blend of delicate balances of deep, soulful Funk in combination with the high-energy power, and intensity of jazz-rock-fusion. Newton takes the genre to a new level of artistic creativity in contemporary music's evolution forward. Folks, this is a true representation of genuine exceptional music expression.

Newton is proud to introduce the creative guitar genius of "Tommy Organ". Tommy covers the range of guitar from deep funky rhythms to soaring legato, energetic and passionate solos displaying his natural virtuosic gifts. Tommy O, a respected music veteran shines with the focused ability to take the music ball (pun intended) and run with it. Newton and Organ are like two, heavy music war tanks coming at you. These two display their brotherhood in music shining bright and strong.

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